Saturday, January 31, 2004

this is what i've got by doing the test from kalo dibandingkan ama quizilla yang ini emang lebih serius. katanya sih quiz di sini gabungan antara psikologi dan swirvology. hah?? apaan tuh?? masih katanya, swirvology ilmu yang mempelajari sejauh mana kecocokan kamu dan teman kamu yang sama-sama ngisi kuis ini. jadi setelah isi kuis-kuis di sini kirim ke temen terus bakal ketahuan kamu ma temen kamu toh kepribadiannya cocok nggak gitu... hasilnya cukup akurat kok menurut aku karena pilihannya banyak, jadi nggak cuma 3 ato 4 karakter kepribadian...

The Composer

First off, let's clear something up: being a Composer does not mean you're musically inclined. You may very well be -- and many musicians fit this personality -- but the key to the Composer is your artistic nature. Many of you love the fine-arts in some way, but all of you have an intense sense for grace and harmony.

The senses are very important to you. To you, things are more than just the sum of their parts. You so value how taste, sight, sound, touch, and smell all work together to create something bigger. The details are important, but it's the big picture that makes it all worth it.

All of this simply makes you weird, or "eccentric" depending on who you're talking to. Not that this is a bad thing -- you are unique. You have character. Just don't waste it by becoming an investment banker or anything like that. You may not have a lot of money, but you'll have your happiness.

Possible Careers: Novelist, Painter

-in three words i can sum up everything i've learned about life: it goes on-

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